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Xishimei Day & Night Cream

Bio Gold Pearl Gel Bio-Silver Ginseng-Gel Day & Night Packet Free Shipping
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One + Bio Gold Pearl Gel
One + Bio-Silver Ginseng-Gel

Pearl power contains 18 klnds of amlno acid,23 kinds of trace element and important life resource materlals such as calcium,  
selement,and germanium, which is tested by preelsion apparatuses, according to modern sclence. in this product,
100 percent of higth-quality pearl is adoped to make ultramicro pearl power in accordance with morden higth energy air stream grinding technology, 
which is more sultable for absorption by skin.applied regularty,it can activate avianizing and aging cells a second time, 
check skin senile effectively,excrete melanin,restrain facial freckles,smooth skin wrinkles, and  make skin sofl, 
it  can  make face write,rosy,delicate elastic, tender and  shiny gradually,and  help you find  a natural feeling of  young beauty.

Directon:  Twice daily in the morning and in the evening. After washing the face, 
apply a little amount of the cream.rud evenly and massage slightly all over the face. You will get the best effect.

Main Ingredient : Glycerin,Propylene Glycol,Pearl Powder,Carbopol Ultrez 21 Polymer Gold Powder.

Net WT: ( 60g )

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